08.04.2021 Press

Victor Buck Services expands services with intallation of new Canon printer



Victor Buck Services, a European front-runner in industrial digital printing and secure business information management, invests in a Canon varioPRINT iX3200, which is installed in the plant in Bettembourg. In line with their approach to combine innovative technology with first class customer service, the company is the first to install the revolutionary Canon varioPRINT iX3200 in Luxembourg.

VBS continually strives to improve processes and standards to deliver the best quality in everything the company does. With the new printer, Victor Buck Services will be able to address new markets such as premium direct mail. 

“We are glad to collaborate with an innovative group like Canon and proud to be the first service provider in Luxembourg to deploy this new digital printer”, says Arnauld Wulgaert, Chief Operating Officer at Victor Buck Services. “With this investment, we now offer a unique service to produce high quality and personalized printed documents. The printing quality of the varioPRINT iX3200 goes beyond offset and with the power of variable printing, we are excited about the improved service we can provide to existing clients as well as the door it opens for us to address new markets.”


To address the premium direct mail market, often high-quality substrates are required which used to be challenging for inkjet systems. This has changed with the introduction of the Canon varioPRINT iX3200, a high-volume inkjet printer with the ability to print in offset-like quality on virtually any media type. This also results in a potential migration of volume currently produced on toner printers to the new inkjet platform, which will bring many benefits in terms of running costs and production availability. An in-line booklet maker is connected to further increase flexibility and time-to-market.

While the relationship between Canon and Victor Buck Services goes back a long way, the varioPRINT iX3200 will be the first installation of the printer manufacturer. Talks between the two companies lead to the belief that a cutsheet inkjet platform would be the right solution for VBS. In the middle of this, Canon introduced the varioPRINT iX3200 – a revolutionary printer that Victor Buck Services fell in love with after demonstrations in Canon’s Customer Experience Center and at a customer site. 

Frank Huigen, Director Production Printing Products Benelux at Canon, adds: “From day 1 the talks between VBS and Canon have been about opportunities and possibilities, always looking forward. It is the shared vision of the two companies that has ultimately led to this tremendous step for production printing in Luxembourg. I am extremely confident that the installation will be a huge success and will change the printing landscape not only in Luxembourg but also certainly abroad.”


Initially intended as back-up for an existing web-fed inkjet printer, the project evolved into an ambitious business case in which many cutsheet toner devices are replaced – in addition to the original goal. The new printer is part of the company’s strategy path towards an innovative “smart factory”, and will enable VBS to address a new market: direct marketing through programmatic print. Due to advances in digital printing technology and in automated production workflows, everything that can be personalised online can now be personalised in print. This opens up countless opportunities for marketers and print service providers (PSPs) to collaborate on multi-channel campaigns that combine all the advantages of print with those of digitalisation — such as the ability to instantly address consumers with personalised content tailored precisely to their profile. Using digital printing solutions, marketers can add the all-important emotional appeal to their targeted propositions, knowing that customers welcome and value the physical communication just as much as (if not more than) online interaction.

From left to right: Johan Van Roy, Commercial Printing, Production Printing Products  – Canon; Ivo Dos Santos, Manager, Printing & Mailing – Victor Buck Services; Onno Kamminga, Project Executive, Production Printing Systems – Canon; Arnauld Wulgaert, Chief Operating Officer – Victor Buck Services.


The varioPRINT iX-series is an advanced sheetfed inkjet press from Canon featuring iQuariusᶦˣ technology. For customers with production volumes of 1 to 10 million A4 images per month, the new press combines the image quality and media range of offset or liquid toner systems with the productivity and cost efficiency of inkjet. The system produces more than 9,000 SRA3 images per hour (or 320 A4 images per minute) on a wide range of media, including offset coated paper from 90 to 350gsm. With more than 90% average uptime and no need for daily calibration and maintenance, the varioPRINT iX-series enables substantial productivity gains and measurable improvements in overall running costs compared with other cutsheet production print technologies.