We create, produce and distribute your paper and digital corporate documents

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Proven expertise, fast production, rationalized costs.

Upgrade your communications to your stakeholders

Invoices, financial statements, annual reports and more: Paper or digital, we create and produce business documents to your exact standards, from composition to secured distribution. Find out more here.

  • Typesetting

  • Formatting

    secure merging
    of templates and data

  • Transactional

  • Mailing

    unique tracking

  • Returned mail

  • Secured emailing

    encrypted attachments

  • Automated faxing service

  • Access to repository


Accelerate your transition
from paper to digital

Allow us to handle all aspects of document digitization for you, from simple PDF generation to data extraction and routing directly into your information system.

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  • Standard scanning

  • Advanced scanning

    with extraction of data

Captivate your audience with
engaging communications

Brochures, catalogues, annual reports and other promotional documents: We create dynamic and personalized content tailored to your clients. Utilize our unique expertise in both NFC and paper to further increase customer engagement and trust.

  • Document design

    Impactful design and page setting

  • Personalized print documents

    For tailored and engaging

  • RFID/NFC enriched content

    To boost customer engagement and
    assure authenticity of product

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Your sustainable partner to master your
communication within your ecosystem

20+ years of proven expertise

Our commitment to providing secure, confidential and high-quality document services began in Luxembourg, 2000. We have since grown from a local business to an international one, responding to an ever-expanding customer base.

A proven track record in multiple industries



Average duration of our client relationships


Our roots lie in the Fund and Banking industries. We built a proven reputation for high security and confidentiality that attracted customers from equally demanding sectors. Victor Buck Services is licensed support PSF by the CSSF (the Financial Sector Supervisory Commission in Luxembourg) and operates in accordance to OSPAR (Singapore).

  • Fund Industry

  • Bank & Insurance

  • Healthcare

  • Public sector

  • Utilities

  • See all use cases


a strong
ecosystem and

Production & distribution centres close to your clients

Wherever you are in the world, we are local to you and your clients. We can find a production site close to your place of business, thanks to our comprehensive international network. Our 24/7 support team is available to all our customers in every time zone.

  •  Offices & production centers
  •  Distribution partners
  •  Offices & production centers
  •  Distribution partners

Secure and resilient organization

Business continuity management system

The steady continuity of our services is assured via our ISO 22301:2019 certification, comprehensive DRP (disaster recovery plan) and back-up production centre. We also provide back-up services to companies if their own business is affected by an unintended interruption.

Private room in a certified Tier IV Datacenter

This best in class certification guarantees the availability and continuity of the data center’s technical infrastructure

Information security management system

With ISO/IEC 27001:2017 certification, to secure your data processing and distribution

In the POST Group, one of Luxembourg’s top employers

Victor Buck Services is a proud subsidiary of the POST group. Our mutual success comes from our shared expertise, solidity and synergies between the many entities and subsidiaries of the group.

turnover 2021

€898.9 million

employees 2021


shaping a
sustainable future

Eco-friendly innovation. Paper from sustainable resources. Smart waste management. And more.

Eco-friendly innovation with Joaneo©

We developed a sustainable and innovative approach to design and produce RFID/NFC electronics in a more eco-friendly way:

  • Eco-friendly manufacturing process that minimizes its environmental impact
  • Recyclable products, printed on paper
  • Local production

Sustainable use of paper

We have the FSC certification: the paper we use comes from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. (ref. FSC-C103218)

Smart waste management

We are certified with the SuperDrecksKëscht® fir Betriber label, recognizing our environmentally friendly waste management plan.


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Victor Buck Services

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