19.10.2021 Press

Victor Buck Services launches Joaneo



Victor Buck Services is proud to launch its new brand, Joaneo, dedicated to our printed electronics business. Joaneo will focus on printing customized RFID/NFC antennas and inlays on paper-based substrates, using an eco-friendly production process entirely based in Luxembourg.

Joaneo was created to meet an increasing demand for sustainable and local solutions allowing to connect smart objects. Currently, the production of such antennas and inlays is mostly happening in Asia, using plastic substrates. Building on its 20 years of experience in the printing industry, VBS has now developed an innovative and eco-friendly industrial additive printing process, to print electronics on paper.

Our brand stands for creativity, sustainability, and integrity. Our solutions are co-developed with customers and partners, with the aim of finding a sustainable and effective product matching the application targeted. The whole production process is based in Luxembourg, from planning to distribution. As a leader in secure business information management, we highly value and guarantee data integrity and confidentiality.

We named the new brand « Joaneo » as a tribute to Johannes Gutenberg, who revolutionized the printing industry in Europe.

We will present Joaneo for the first time at the RFID and Wireless IOT Tomorrow 2021, in Wiesbaden (Germany) on October 20th. The official grand opening of our production facility in Luxembourg will take place soon. So stay tuned!

More information about our products and solutions here.


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