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VBS appoints new Executive Committee


A new Executive Committee saw the light of day on May 2nd 2023, pursuing VBS’ desire to change organizationally as well as to change its governance. This new organization depicts the cultural change in management, where the group responsibility, trust, and cooperation are emphasized.

The roles and responsibilities of the newly established executive organ are as follows:

The Executive Committee is responsible for the day-to-day management of Victor Buck Services, keeping everyone informed on alignment and decision-making, all while promoting cohesion.

The freshly appointed members

Stéphanie Brice, Chief Financial Officer

Stéphanie lives in Longwy, France. After completing her studies in finance in Nancy, she worked as an accountant in France for 4 years.

She then joined Deloitte as an Audit Manager, where she reviewed tax systems and supervised a team of auditors. After her tenure at Deloitte, Stéphanie joined ArcelorMittal, where she led the accounting and logistics department of a group subsidiary, focusing on budgeting, financial reporting and cash optimization.

In 2007, Stéphanie joined Victor Buck Services (VBS) in Luxembourg, where she took charge of the management and coordination of accounting, financial, tax and invoicing activities. Thanks to her expertise and her visionary spirit, she played a central role in the establishment of the internal accounting department of VBS: building a team and setting up procedures for better efficiency, and taking charge of the management of day-to-day accounting operations.

Throughout her career, Stéphanie has witnessed the growth of VBS: from a start-up with 60 employees to a thriving business. Despite this growth, VBS has maintained a vibrant corporate culture and employee loyalty.

Stéphanie appreciates the multicultural environment of VBS, where she enjoys the challenges of project management and the versatility of her role. She enjoys the freedom and autonomy she has in her work and the fact that she is not limited by rigid corporate structures.

Scott Garlick, Chief Sales Officer

Scott is an accomplished international sales and marketing professional with a strong experience in both established enterprises and emerging scale-ups. Throughout his career, Scott has had particular expertise in driving growth in technology, innovation, and software sectors.

Born and raised in Canada, Scott has called Belgium home for over three decades. In 2019, he embarked on an exciting journey with VBS, where he played a pivotal role in the company’s expansion into the Printed Electronics market, now known as Joaneo.

Scott was recruited by VBS with the aim of diversifying the profiles within the team, seeking talents who did not come from the traditional printing and mailing industry.  After one year focusing on Business Development, he was given the overall responsibility of Sales & Marketing of all VBS services, including actively seeking new business initiatives, such as Joaneo.

A true believer in long-term relationships, Scott was delighted to learn that VBS maintains an average client relationship duration of 15 years for a company that has been operating for more than two decades. This commitment to client satisfaction aligns perfectly with his values as a sales professional.

Scott finds inspiration in the positive mindset of the team, which consistently embraces and explores new business opportunities while fostering enduring client partnerships. With unwavering enthusiasm, he looks forward to supporting VBS during this unique phase of revenue growth and expanding the diversity of clients and markets the company serves.

Scott finds inspiration in the positive mindset of the team, which consistently embraces and explores new business opportunities while fostering enduring client partnerships. With unwavering enthusiasm, he looks forward to supporting VBS during this unique phase of revenue growth and expanding the diversity of clients and markets the company serves.

Scott finds inspiration in the positive mindset of the team, which consistently embraces and explores new business opportunities while fostering enduring client partnerships. With unwavering enthusiasm, he looks forward to supporting VBS during this unique phase of revenue growth and expanding the diversity of clients and markets the company serves.

Stéphanie Noël, Chief Executive Officer

Stéphanie Noël, Chief Executive Officer at Victor Buck Services

Stéphanie is a seasoned communication and information professional, trained at the University of Liège. With more than 17 years of experience at Kneip, a company specializing in financial data management, regulatory reporting for investment funds and structured products. She then progressed over the years to occupy key positions, including account manager, operations manager, transformation manager, and finally, member of the management committee.

Thanks to her expertise, Stéphanie then directed her career towards the field of IT as vice-president in charge of the development of solutions in a company operating internationally. With a combined experience of more than 20 years in business and information technology, she thrives in her work by putting people at the heart of her professional decisions.

In 2021, Stéphanie joined the POST group as CEO of the Victor Buck Services subsidiary where she uses her leadership expertise and strategic vision to guide the company towards new successes. Her remarkable career path also includes leadership roles at Kneip, where she led transformation, operations improvement and customer service delivery initiatives.

Stéphanie is a leader recognized for her strategic vision, her management expertise and her commitment to business development. Her exemplary career and her dedication to people make her an inspiring and influential professional in her field.

With her taste for challenges, Stéphanie does not hesitate to put all her experience at the service of the collective in order to support VBS in a long-term and sustainable vision.

David Gillet, Chief Information Officer

David is an IT professional from Lorraine, France, with over 20 years of experience. As IT manager at Luxair, he managed multicultural teams as well as multidisciplinary projects of different sizes in complex IT environments. Recognized for his SAP expertise, he managed the implementation of the SAP landscape in the airline including Business Intelligence and CRM.

18 months ago, he joined Victor Buck Services (VBS), thriving in a technical environment that offers diversity and stimulation. He finds satisfaction in the implementation of well-developed ideas to optimize work processes and streamline the IT landscape.

Within the Management Committee, David appreciates the healthy and collaborative working culture, characterized by rational and rapid decision-making. He appreciates the flexibility to explore new perspectives and work with competent and dedicated teams. Close cooperation with his VBS colleagues motivates him to tackle important topics and take decisive steps.

David’s track record of success, expertise and dedication positions him as a valuable asset. He continues to drive transformation and deliver IT solutions, with a large focus on operational excellence. With a strategic approach to IT architecture, he streamlines operations and improves efficiency. David’s commitment to driving technological advancements and delivering results sets him apart.

Susanne Cardoso, Chief People Officer

Susanne, born in Portugal and raised in Luxembourg, began her career within a family-owned company encompassing an art gallery, publishing house, and bookbinding crafts. She served as an administrative assistant in the family business before joining Victor Buck Services in 2001.

At VBS, Susanne played a key role in managing the company’s administrative aspects. She started as Finance and Administration Officer, before swiftly becoming Manager a year later; she greatly contributed to the company’s growth and evolution from a small-sized start up to a thriving firm. During this time, she witnessed VBS’ transformation and was instrumental in establishing the Human Resources department in 2007.

Susanne has been with VBS for over 22 years, taking on increasingly important roles throughout her tenure. Currently, she holds the position of Chief People Officer, responsible for overseeing the company’s human resources management. Her role involves developing and implementing HR policies and strategies, ensuring the company has the necessary talent to support its growth.

What Susanne enjoys about her work at VBS is the opportunity to actively participate in change and be an agent in the company’s evolution. She appreciates VBS’ ability to adapt based on both internal and external factors, as well as the company’s resilience in the face of challenges. Being able to contribute to the company’s growth, working with talented individuals brings her great satisfaction.

As a member of the executive committee, Susanne brings a unique perspective and deep expertise in the field of human resources. Her leadership, passion for operational excellence, and ability to leverage human capital make her a valuable contributor to VBS’ ongoing success.

Arnauld Wulgaert, Chief Operating Officer

Arnauld’s journey is a testament to his expertise in the financial services industry. Joining Victor Buck Services in 2006 as a Client Services Officer, he quickly advanced, becoming the Quality Manager from 2009 to 2011.

His leadership resulted in the establishment of a robust quality assurance department and effective incident and risk management.

In 2014, Arnauld assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Victor Buck Services. Leading various departments, including operations, project management, and client services, he plays a vital role in developing organizational policies and goals. Arnauld’s dedication to operational excellence and growth has contributed significantly to the company’s success.

Prior to joining Victor Buck Services, Arnauld held positions at renowned financial institutions such as JP Morgan Bank and The Bank of New York Europe. His experience in Transfer Agent production support and deal monitoring has shaped his expertise in operational management.

Arnauld’s extensive career in the financial services industry highlights his commitment to excellence. As a thought leader and a driving force within Victor Buck Services, his achievements inspire the greatest number.

Breaking from habit and preparing for the unexpected is Arnauld’s favorite part of working for VBS. Variety equips him to respond to many situations that a firm like VBS may encounter and enables him to be ready for the unexpected.

Arnauld Wulgaert, Chief Operational Officer at Victor Buck Services