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Date : 09/03/2020

20 years of secure information management

With the overwhelming digitalization of products and services, companies are compelled to revisit their processes and organization. Financial companies in particular face many security and data privacy challenges. Victor Buck Services recognizes this, and for over 20 years has been offering secure solutions throughout the information value chain.

Companies sometimes struggle to adapt to this digitalized world and to let go of traditional ways of working. In finance, for instance, volumes of confidential information are exchanged daily, by post or by email, to fulfill the many obligations players have. These inefficient and cumbersome administrative processes often leave data protection, no matter how important, neglected. In this, Victor Buck Services helps companies in managing their information and in simplifying their administrative procedures.

A multi-channel approach

Victor Buck Services launched in 2000 and is one of the first companies to have obtained PFS status in Luxembourg. First specialized in financial document management and distribution for investment funds, Victor Buck Services has diversified its offering and expanded into other sectors. Today, the company offers a broad range of solutions. "These solutions manage information's entire life cycle, from data collection to its archiving and including its transformation and distribution via an array of physical and digital channels," notes Edith Magyarics, Victor Buck Services CEO. Victor Buck Services continuously seeks to broaden its mastery of the information value chain by integrating new products and services. Since last year the company offers clients a secure collaboration space thanks to Docunify. Victor Buck Services drives its services from its headquarters in Luxembourg and its subsidiary in Singapore. A network of service providers in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia enables the company to respond to its international clients' requirements and needs. Each Victor Buck Services client benefits from the same high quality and security standards, wherever they may be located.

Three questions for Edith Magyarics, CEO of Victor Buck Services

What are the main challenges clients face in this digital transformation?

The main challenge is data protection. Data protection is critical, whether we are talking about digital transformation, the cloud, or on-line services. Security has always been part of our DNA. Our entire production is hosted in two Tier IV data centers, configured to be available 24/7, which enables us to offer the highest protection. We own our servers, which are hosted at EBRC, and we deliver services to our clients. Moreover, we have the status and certifications that confirm our procedures comply with the highest information security standards. Thus, our PFS status, which places us under the CSSF's1 supervision, guarantees a level of diligence on data protection equivalent to those of Luxembourg financial institutions. Our ISO/IEC 27001 certification offers our information security practices international recognition.

Being environmentally responsible is part of your development goals. How does that translate within your organization?

Environmental responsibility can only be achieved if it is part of an overall approach. That's what we strive for and we don't hesitate to seek the help of experts to achieve best practices in environmental responsibility. We signed the UN Global Compact and use FSC® paper in our printing and mailing services. All our new endeavors apply an eco-design approach. We are working on an innovative industrial process to print ecofriendly RFID/BLE inlay antennas on paper. This business' entire value chain is designed to limit its environmental impact. Within the company, our environmentally responsible approach enables us to reduce waste, notably via the elimination of single-use plastics.

How has your company changed in the past 20 years?

As a service provider, our role is to provide relevant solutions to concrete needs and challenges. We must listen actively and continuously question ourselves. We need to reinvent ourselves constantly, ensure we are ever closer to clients' needs, and offer suitable and effective solutions. This mind-set has guided our evolution. It's enabled us to diversify our offering, such as through a multi-channel approach. It is not our only driver, though. We are also convinced that continuous innovation lies in sharing, co-creation, and synergies. We've proven that through several undertakings. The most recent is the industrial production of RFID/BLE antennas that is respectful of the environment. The project was co-designed with a French firm. We also take part actively in the development and international reach of Luxembourg's ecosystem. We go on economic missions abroad and take part in conferences, working groups, and professional associations nationally and internationally.
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1. CSSF: Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier, Luxembourg’s official financial regulator

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