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Date : 10/12/2020

Lockdown or not: print and mail matter

Post still plays an important role across the economy, from utility bills and contracts to investment fund statements and, importantly amid the pandemic, healthcare test results and hospital appointments. Outsourced print and mail is fast, flexible and cost-efficient.

Long before Covid-19 struck, governments, agencies and businesses were already revising their print and mail strategies. The shift to digital technology left in-house facilities facing declining use, with printers, sorters and franking machines as well as the staff operating them increasingly idle as volumes of paper fell. But not every communication can be transmitted via Zoom, Webex or an app, so aging print systems, technology and personalization software need replacing all the same. The cost of upgrading is significant, particularly for specialist equipment no longer supported by manufacturers.

Outsourcing sense

Outsourcing makes increasing financial sense, reducing the need for significant capital outlays and freeing up staff for more valuable tasks, perhaps even working on new multi-channel and digital distribution.

Victor Buck Services is adept at managing the transition to outsourcing functions including personalizing data, creating document templates, incorporating tax information and translation if necessary. We can handle both physical and digital communication too, reducing conflicts and overlaps with company, customer or patient contact preferences. And of course, confidentiality and traceability remain a priority, just as they would be in-house.

Speedy, accurate and confidential

The pandemic and resulting lockdowns have brought the issues of cost, efficiency and, not least, safety to the fore. When restrictions were at their tightest, many staff were banned from their offices, especially if social distancing was not possible.

We at Victor Buck Services took immediate action too, splitting on-site staff in our premises adjacent to the Post Luxembourg sorting center into two shifts, and a third if necessary to offer 24-hour service, with maximum safety.

Our proximity to the Post facility offers another benefit. We don’t need to transport our client’s mail by road or rail to meet collection cut-off times, so late jobs can be completed right up to 9pm and still enter the postal system on time – and with a lower carbon footprint.

Nowhere has that flexibility and time advantage been more important recently than in healthcare. Medical labs are often fully digitalized, but they still rely on physical delivery of sensitive documents. We have been able to receive, format and print confidential documents generated late into the afternoon and get them into the post that evening, for next-day delivery.

We’ve also handled detailed communications sent to doctors, pharmacists and patients, generated from a pdf and fully prepared and distributed within 24 hours – with a high-quality finish and full compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

Local or global

And we’re not just able to process and post up to 20,000 items per hour, in multiple formats, for Luxembourg and our neighboring countries, and other EU member states. With facilities and partnerships in the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney, we offer a full on-demand service to ensure mailings are delivered on time and on budget around the world.

If you would like to know how outsourced print and mail can work for you, freeing up budgets and staff for more important priorities, we’d like to show you what we can do – socially distanced, of course.

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