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Date : 18/06/2021

Free up from manual and inefficient mail management

Are your print and mail rooms a key business asset?

Your company’s print and mail management must be a strategic asset that boosts your performance and reputation. The shift to digital technology left in-house facilities facing declining use, with printers, sorters and franking machines as well as the staff operating them increasingly idle as volumes of paper fell. But not every communication can be transmitted via online channels, so aging print systems, technology and personalization software need replacing all the same. The cost of upgrading is significant, particularly for specialist equipment no longer supported by manufacturers.

Outsourcing makes increasing sense, reducing the need for significant capital outlays and freeing up staff for more important core priorities.

How outsourcing can help your business?

  • Reduces manual administrative tasks by up to 80%
  • Replaces capital expenditure on expensive materials and high maintenance labor costs with predictable operational costs
  • Reduces logistics expenses as Victor Buck Services production zone is adjacent to POST’s mail center
  • Translates into faster services and faster deliveries
  • Improves service quality thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and expert advice
  • Reduces the risk of data leaks inherent to manual tasks thanks to automation

We take the headache out of your print and mail management challenges

For more than 20 years, printing and mailing has been the core business of Victor Buck Services and we can propose a multitude of options to handle your communications quickly, efficiently and securely.

We offer an end-to-end communication solution to enhance customer experience. Our client service is world-class and available 24/7, even during a pandemic.

For more information about our services, download our brochure.


AXA Luxembourg has had an excellent relationship with Victor Buck Services for almost 10 years. VBS allows us to produce and send documents to various clients of AXA Luxembourg and AXA Wealth Europe. On a daily basis, I particularly appreciate their availability, efficiency and involvement. They provide us with valuable advice so that our clients always receive quality documents.
Frédéric GERARD, IT Core Systems Package Manager
AXA Assurances Luxembourg
A relationship of trust has been established between AXA Luxembourg and VBS over several years thanks to a flawless partnership and great empathy from our contacts at VBS.
Marie-France STAEBLER, Manager des Services Généraux
AXA Assurances Luxembourg

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