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Date : 13/03/2018

In Digital Transformation haste is the first mistake to avoid

Rushing solves nothing, one has to leave on time", this also applies to Digital Transformation. Following the 10x6 on Digital Transformation organised by the Paperjam Club on Wednesday February 28th, our Head of Business Development Jean-Marie Maekelberghe shares insightful reflexions about Digital transformation in this interview.

While digital transformation can be frightening, in your opinion, what are the opportunities offered by such an approach?

Digital transformation is above all a necessity in a constantly changing world. It is also a great opportunity to improve your competitiveness by offering innovative and customised products and services.
Digital transformation is also a way for companies to free themselves from certain tasks to focus on the essence of their business and enable their employees to broaden their skills.
As a service provider specialising in business process outsourcing, our role has evolved with the ongoing digital revolution. Over the past two decades, business process outsourcing has become a strategic challenge for companies. We are also increasingly called upon to provide support and advice. Digital transformation therefore offers companies like ours a great opportunity to put our expertise at the service of professionals in order to guide them in the evolution of the tasks they entrust to us and enable them to dedicate more time and resources to value creation and customer relations, key factors for a successful digital transformation.

What are the main mistakes to avoid for a company embarking on a digital transformation project?

The first mistake to avoid is haste. The term "digital" is used differently in different organisations. To avoid inconsistencies, the digital transformation must be well thought out, motivated by clear objectives and aligned with the company's overall strategy.
The second mistake would be to neglect the user experience. Whether in the approach or technology adopted, it is important to maintain the interest of the client/end user.
On the other hand, another mistake would be to underestimate the organisation required for a digital transformation project. Planning is essential and must be based on a realistic assessment of the current situation. This step will gauge the company's digital maturity and its ability to integrate the changes brought about by digital transformation.
Finally, governance must not be neglected. It is important that the approach is supported by management and that a dedicated team leads the project. Ideally, this team should be composed of employees from different departments and levels of responsibility in order to establish the legitimacy of the project and encourage general support.

What solutions do you offer your clients to meet the challenge of digital transformation?

We offer our clients services designed to reduce the use of paper within their organisation.
Our digitisation and storage services assist in the electronic processing and management of all information collected within the company. As such, we are PSDC* certified, which designates us as a certified expert in digitisation and storage services with probative value. We guarantee our clients that their copies scanned and stored with our PSDC process will have the same probative value as the originals.
In terms of communication, we offer our customers a wide range of secure physical and digital media for their corporate communication. Our globally accessible platform provides an all-channel mechanism for designing, managing and delivering information in any volume, while optimising the client experience.
Finally, with our digital mail room we offer a single entry point for all business communications (paper, fax, email, etc.). Physical mail is opened, sorted, digitised and injected into the customer's business application so that recipients can retrieve it.

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* PSDC = Digitisation or storage services provider. Status issued by ILNAS (Luxembourg institute of standardisation, accreditation, security and quality of products and services).
There are three PSDC statuses:
- PSDC-D which only allows digitisation with probative value
- PSDC-C allowing storage (or electronic archiving) with probative value
- PSDC-DC authorising both
Victor Buck Services has PSDC-DC status.

Note: Victor Buck Services is no longer listed as a PSDC provider as of 7th April 2022.

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