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Date : 10/10/2019


Although digitalization is affecting all business sectors, certain players are struggling to break away from traditional methods. This often results in administrative processes that are cumbersome, time-consuming and not very secure. The funds sector is particularly affected by this issue, especially the PE/RE fund sector, which is booming but is still in the infancy of its transformation. Optimizing efficiency and security of administrative processes is what Victor Buck Services is offering with its Admintech Docunify.



Administrative processes are essential to the effective operating of any company, however, most of the time they are quite burdensome. This is particularly true for the funds industry, where each step of the life cycle of a fund requires specific documentation involving various stakeholders. This generates multiple exchanges by email, phone or mail. Such processes sadly prove to be inefficient, not to mention the risks they create in terms of data protection. With Docunify, these exchanges can be centralized within a single digital platform, accessible simultaneously by different stakeholders. Improving efficiency and collaboration is what Docunify stands for, that is why the platform embeds various features to optimize the creation, sharing , management and electronic signature of documents. This results in precious time savings a company can reallocate towards its employees' development through more challenging assignments.


In an increasingly regulated environment, securing and preventing the circulation of sensitive and confidential data is a major challenge. As a response, Docunify offers an encrypted platform hosted in Tier IV data centers in Luxembourg. Plus, thanks to the 2-factor authentication, your data is totally secure from unauthorized access. By joining Victor Buck Services, Docunify now benefits from a PFS environment and long-standing and certified information security expertise. In other words, even stronger security guarantees for users.


In just a few minutes, Docunify can be operational on the user's device.
The SaaS solution, which is simple, responsive and intuitive, does not require any prior installation.
Only a browser, an internet connection and the creation of a user are required to access it. Everyone can work with confidence whenever and from wherever.


Invented by the creators of Docunify,"Admintech" reflects a desire: to simplify and improve the administrative management of all companies, regardless of their size thanks to innovative digital solutions. 

Questions to Scott Garlick, Head of Prospection and Growth at Victor Buck Services and Marc Lefebvre, Founding Partner of Docunify IP Company

You have just acquired the Docunify IP Company. What were the motivations of the acquisition?

Scott Garlick: Victor Buck Services specializes in outsourced enterprise information management services. Customers provide us with their data and/or documents and we process them on their behalf according to their requirements.
Today, with Docunify, we have the opportunity to offer them an intermediate step between digitization and electronic archiving: a secure digital space, allowing several stakeholders to collaborate on various documents. Beyond this "technical" synergy, we realized that we shared the same vision: to bring to the market solutions that are truly useful for our customers.

For Docunify, what are the new perspectives offered by this acquisition?

Marc Lefebvre: With nearly 20 years of existence and continuous growth,
Victor Buck Services is recognized in Luxembourg and throughout the world, notably thanks to its subsidiary in Singapore and its international service providers.
In addition, its certified expertise in information security (PSF, PSDC-DC*, ISO27001) reassures our customers and allows them to benefit from additional guarantees.
This acquisition therefore paves the way for a rapid expansion and evolution of the solution, particularly through the development of new functionalities.

*Victor Buck Services is no longer listed as a PSDC provider as of 7th April 2022.

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