JOANEO, by victor buck services

Eco-friendly paper inlays for electronic applications, tailor-printed in the heart of Europe

You know us as a European leader with global reach in industrial digital printing and secure business information management.  We’ve been ahead of the curve for almost 20 years. We can now fulfill your needs for state-of-the-art printed electronics.

Victor Buck Services now offers NFC and RFID antennas, functional inlay transponders, and sensor enabled electronic circuits for smart IoT devices under its new brand name Joaneo®. These antennas and electronics are preferably printed on recyclable substrates, using an eco-friendly production process. Our entire production process takes place in Luxembourg, from planning to distribution, in our new clean room facilities.

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An inlay is an electronic device that receives and transmits information using wireless connection. They are usually integrated into smart labels. These electronics are part of a network of physical objects embedded with electronics, that enable them to collect and exchange data. They are used in multiple sectors such as: 

  • Food (i.e. logistics monitoring, tracking of freshness, temperature, customer engagement…)
  • Pharmaceuticals (i.e. authenticity, tamper evidence, tracking, patient involvement…)
  • Secure documents (i.e. electronic archiving, authenticity, security, block chain…)
  • Logistics (i.e. geolocation, tracking, movement…)
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Smart tag applications offer almost limitless opportunities for data collection and use, intellectual property protection, and real-time customer experience and product tracking. We provide customized inlays with the right communications technology, including RFID (UHF, NFC) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for a wide range of applications.

We developed several NFC, RFID and IoT inlay prototypes with our partners NXP, STMicroelectronics and EM Microelectronic and we are chip-agnostic to match our client’s requirements.

We are supporting multiple ICs, sensors and substrates to ensure a best performance and quality, matching targeted applications. A key advantage of our newly developed electronic printing process is the extreme flexibility allowing a rapid prototyping and shorter lead-times. We are able to produce in different formats and variable up-scaling quantities (from sampling to mass production). 



NFC antennas and functional NFC inlays printed on eco-friendly substrates to be inserted into smart packaging, labels and NFC tags. The optimized sustainable solution for your specific NFC applications. Starting from the antenna and bridging, plus bonding of the best matching IC.  


UHF and HF RFID antennas, or functional inlays for insertion into smart labels, or embedded RFID tags for cards, typically used in Retail and Logistic track & trace solutions. We have a lot of experience in secure document management and medical Pharma applications.

Tailor-made IoT

Tailor-made IoT components are co-developed and made to measure with customers and partners for specific IoT applications. From combined NFC-/RFID transponders to more complex battery powered inlays with multiple sensors and surface mount assembly devices. We partner up with our customers to find a sustainable, yet robust solution that works. 


Sustainability is more than a principle to us. It is an action. So far, the business of inlays has been dominated by etching technology with single-use plastic antennas, imported from long distance. We believe in a different solution, sustainable and recyclable. We produce eco-friendly antennas and inlays at the lowest possible carbon footprint

  • We support a full array of substrates for your antennas, including FSC® paper substrates and recyclable substrates, but also PET, or Teslin and others. 
  • Our industrial additive technology process uses no water and no vacuum, generating minimal waste and consuming a fraction of resources versus a traditional etching process. 
  • Tailor-printing means you only get what you need and only pay for what you use. No leftovers, no unnecessary waste.
  • We are committed to a lowest possible carbon footprint by avoiding transports and sourcing regional or local, wherever possible.

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Joaneo is a registered European Union trademark of Victor Buck Services.

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