Legal Regulatory Reporting


Victor Buck Services has continuously enhanced its service offering to the industry. Based in Luxembourg, home of the largest service hub for cross-border funds, we have developed a range of solutions to support our partners in providing their clients with the best of bread Client Communication Management, Information Capturing / Legal Archiving and Regulatory Reporting Solutions.
Whether your organization is active in the Asset Management, Asset Servicing, Fund Distribution, Banking Business, Insurance or any other domain our service offering is truly global and will drive efficiency in the distribution of any information and documentation. We support cross-border funds and domestic funds in diverse regions such as Europe and Asia.



Victor Buck Services offers a plug-and-play framework for the composition, management, delivery and collection of questionnaires and documents.
The constant evolving regulatory landscape forces market players who delegate activities to third parties to regularly assess those Outside Service Providers or clients / distributors.
The various industries we serve require to have access to information at their fingertips.
An on-line tool that allows any recipient (portfolio managers, distributors, asset services, prime brokers or any third party) to answer a questionnaire or provide documents.
It eases the reporting and analysis on all delegated functions. 
The solution simplifies your work and allows to save time around queering, receiving, compiling, analysing and archiving data.
It considerably increases the quality of the due diligence process and oversight on the delegated functions.
It allows to access the questionnaires filled in by the Delegates online and during on-site visits.
It automatically calculates the results and position of the Delegates towards each assessment.
It allows to collect all required documents.

Victor Buck Services

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We create, obtain and organize information from various data sources and formats. Just ask us and we extract from paper-based documents or integrate with your industry systems & applications.



We process, modify and employ information so it can be found and used by whomever it is intended for.



Your information can find a suitable home in our secured infrastructure, be it a formal content management system or other information solution.



The long-term care – it’s our core business with legal archiving at your fingertips.



Through the favorite channel we deliver the information in the right people’s hands right when they need it to be there.