Returned Mail Processing

Did you know that, for a company that sends on average of 50,000 letters per month, 3,000 to 7,500 letters may not reach their recipients? This represents a cost of anywhere between €30,000 to €60,000 per year, only in postage cost*. 

Returned or undelivered mail is one of the most significant challenges businesses face when it comes to mailing operations, which can take various forms. Take the example of envelopes that do not reach their intended recipients because their addresses are incorrect, incomplete, or illegible. It costs a lot of money to send out mail that will never be received, especially when sending them in large quantities. On top of stamping, additional costs include processing, forwarding and/or destroying. 

Returned mail also negatively impacts productivity, customer relationships, and may raise legal concerns in terms of personal data protection. Under GDPR, you must indeed ensure personal data accuracy, and protect against accidental loss or unauthorised disclosure. Sending sensitive personal information, such as health-related information, to wrong recipients can be prejudicial. Moreover, returned mail has a negative impact on the environment, as it is synonymous with paper waste and unnecessary mail transport.

These are some of many reasons why it is essential to track returned mail properly and have a clean database of contacts, to ensure a smooth communication with your clients.

What VBS Can Do For You

We offer a smart solution that automates the capture of incorrect, incomplete or illegible recipient addresses and the upload of the information to any client system. We are able to track, scan, identify, forward or destroy your returned mail. 

How does it work? Unopened returned mail is collected in our facility in Bettembourg and scanned. Our software interprets the barcode displayed on the envelope to identify the addressee. It generates a report including the identification of the returned mails, so that the wrong addresses are flagged in your database and future mailings are avoided. This enables you to take rapid and tangible action to restore the communication with your clients. We can then destroy the returned mails or send them back to you. 

Key Benefits 

  • Reduce costs related to returning, forwarding and destroying returned mail
  • Improve your customer database by identifying incorrect addresses 
  • Make sure sensitive information has an accurate destination and is not delivered to wrong recipients (GDPR-compliant)
  • Avoid client disputes by ensuring that information is not lost in the mail and is delivered in a timely manner.
  • Automate the process of scanning envelops and sending reports, which save time and free  staff from having to handle returned mail so they can focus on other tasks.
  • Reduce paper waste and avoid unnecessary mail transport: better compliance with ESG criteria

We offer a centralised, compliant & secured service to manage your undelivered mail. Contact us to see how this can work for your business, and ensure more of your mail is getting where it needs to go.

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*Source: Cost calculation based on national data (ILR report: Institut Luxembourgeois de Régulation, « Les services postaux au Luxembourg - Rapport Statistique 2020 »)