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Centered around its value chain, Victor Buck Services is active in 5 segments:
We offer a unique one-stop shop enabling our partners to implement a global approach with a local reach. We actually propose a comprehensive value chain for data gathering and extraction to information delivery encompassing translation, amalgamation, document composition and file delivery up to legal archiving.
Through our innovative solution we offer safety, controls dissemination and accessibility of information.
We serve the financial industry, large utility companies and finally the public sector. We endeavor to create long-term value for our clients through constantly gaining a better understanding of their market environment and forces.
We defend strong values, serve our clients with dedication and drive innovation to meet customer needs.
With a clear vision in mind, the partners of Victor Buck Services have built a wide network throughout Europe, Asia, the United Kingdom and Australia.


VBS was established in early 2000 to develop a solution for the management and distribution of financial documents by sharing customer needs and providing them with solutions to production and distribution of such documents. VBS helps financial institutions in Luxembourg, Dublin, Asia and other locations around the world.

Victor Buck Services has evolved considerably, growing and currently employs more than 192 people.

Over time, Victor Buck Services has continued to expand its service offerings to include a variety of physical and electronic shipping documents forms.

In 2006, the national provider of mail and telecommunications Luxembourg, "The Enterprise of Posts and Telecommunications", has taken a strategic stake in the company. Since then, Victor Buck Services has not only been able to expand its market share in financial services firms, but also to develop business relationships with telecommunications providers and energy.

In 2008, Victor Buck Services has entered the field of digitization and electronic invoice management.

Early 2009, Victor Buck Services has opened an office in Singapore to expand its operations in the region.

End of 2012, The Post takes a majority stake in Victor Buck Services and also allows the integration of legal archiving thanks to the resumption of Learch (Luxembourg E Archiving).

Victor Buck Services provides a single point of entry to enable its partners to implement a global and international approach while maintaining the necessary proximity to the understanding of the action lines of its customers.

We offer indeed a complete cycle of processing data ranging from document creation to destruction as well as their translation, distribution and archiving. We also offer the opportunity to collect data, to make them usable in various systems.

Our corporate culture is based on service and support for our partners. In perfect harmony with the needs of our customers, our main areas of activities are organized as follows:



Victor Buck Services prides itself of an impressive record of innovation in the field of document production and distribution over the last ten years and is now recognized as one of the global leaders in its field. Nurturing innovation inside our organization is one of the key aspects for our management and employees. At the heart of innovation lie the potential of our employees and our collective ability to function as a team all driven towards one single goal: to provide superior value to our customers.  
The founders of Victor Buck Services recognized from the outset that customers were free to make choices and hence the purpose of business is to be the partner the customer chooses to work with. It follows that customer focus and satisfaction are one of the foundations on which we built our business.  
We consider as our utmost responsibility to protect the sensitive client data entrusted to us by our customers. Therefore data protection is a constant concern in our organization. This mindset is prevalent at all levels throughout our company as our staff are regularly made aware of the very sensitive nature of the information we handle/shape on a daily basis.  


Victor Buck Services has, over the last ten years, expanded its global production footprint through growing its own customer/production sites and by enrolling/qualifying a range of partners. Our distribution network was created on the notion that the financial industry will become more global and will continue to consolidate to a smaller number of players. We saw it as our mission to build this unique network in order to be able to serve our customers’ needs in Europe and Asia and to produce client documentation (e.g. statements) locally. This business model helps reduce cycle time and dispatch costs. Victor Buck Services is able to serve investors and clients based in the US, Europe, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Australia. This means that physical mail production will be localized in these countries or continents based on client requirements. For example, Victor Buck Services currently provides the client reporting needs of a large mutual fund player with a combination of localized production in Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, the US and South Africa.  
Our approach, which combines innovative technology, first class customer service across different time zones and a global operation, makes our service offering totally unique.