QUARTET: Tailored communication at your fingertips

Delivering the right document to the right recipient, through the most effective and secure channel

Since its foundation, Victor Buck Services has concentrated its efforts into providing integrated Customer Communication Management (CCM) solutions, specialized in creating, managing and executing personalized omni-channel communications at scale. Not only do we enable you to share content across various touchpoints and channels but we also give you the tools to link those channels and ensure smart distribution.

Victor Buck Services expands its CCM offer with Quartet®. This powerful tool optimizes the whole production chain, from data acquisition, through formatting, to mass report production and distribution. The flexible architecture also includes workflow and template tools, which enables you to tailor the system to your specific requirements and reduce redundant administrative tasks.

What clients say

VBS solution can be considered as a crucial part of POST’s back office platform, which supports the telecom network infrastructure and operators. Quartet is the unique and central point of generation for electronic or paper-based documents through the external print office, shops and back offices. Thanks to a tailored integration with the back-office data structure, Quartet ensures a quick and easy document management solution participating to an optimized time to market and complying with high standards of quality.
Charles Delbrassine 
MOEBIUS Project Director, POST Luxembourg

User-friendly editor and dashboard 

Our easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor gives you the tools to change content and set-up smarter communication scenarios for complex processes without going through IT. All information is collected and presented in customized dashboards to give deeper insights into customer communications.

Document creation and distribution 

The tool allows you to create any type of document, including charts, analyses and marketing information. Distribution is possible through multiple channels such as postal mail, website, emailing, text messaging, online repository and more. Batch or on-demand processing/document generation is also possible in multi-format output (PDF or HTML files).

Flexible delivery approach

We believe that taking a customer through any process -whether they be customer of the solution, internal department or subsidiaries- needs to be supported by personalized, automated and cross-channel communications.

Depending on each customer’s preferences and requirements, our OMS solution can be connected to any and all enterprise components such as email servers, document management tools, mobile apps, web portals or print & mail facilities. When a distribution channel is missing, the solution can also be natively-connected to Victor Buck Services distribution channels such as our international print & mail network, registered mail, automated faxing, (secure) emailing or document repository.
Every solution design will be supported by our highly-skilled team in order to troubleshoot issues and help you keep your software always up-to-date.

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Quartet is a registered European Union trademark of Victor Buck Services.