Print and mail service

Digital transformation has accelerated across every organisation in recent years. The pandemic has also demonstrated the need for companies to adapt and increase their adoption of digital technologies. However, while most companies focus on the digitalisation of their core activity, they often forget part of their inbound and outbound processes.

As digital as they want to be, whether it be because of customer preferences, legal requirements, or any other reason, companies will always have to produce an uncompressible amount of paper documents. Thus, paper is not about to disappear, even in the boldest paperless office projects. But the challenge has changed: volumes of printed documents are getting ever less predictable, which makes it increasingly harder to ensure an effective in-house print & mail activity. Teams can spend weeks with almost no print job to deal with, and then be overwhelmed with a special mass mailing. Maintaining an in-house print & mail activity is clearly becoming more and more difficult:

  • It is not your core business but it still requires a dedicated and experienced team
  • It requires sufficient space to host the equipment and staff
  • It involves high maintenance/replacement costs to keep your equipment up-to-date, plus other functional costs (toner, paper, power...)

With that in mind, outsourcing makes increasing sense, reducing the need for significant capital outlays and freeing up staff for core priorities.

Victor Buck Services offers a complete solution to help you accelerate your digital transition, and takes the management of paper off your hands so you can focus on your digitalisation objectives.

Entrust us WITH your print and mail management and stay focused on what really matters

For more than 20 years, printing and mailing has been the core business of Victor Buck Services. We can propose a multitude of options to create, produce and distribute all your documents quickly, efficiently and securely. Thanks to our experts and state-of-the-art equipment, you don’t have to worry about anything. Just send it and consider it done, even better than you could do it yourself!

Several options of document creation are available:

  • You send us your data and our team takes care of creating the documents for you, based on your guidelines. Our desktop publishing team will make sure your documents match your branding perfectly while ensuring standards of design and type-setting are respected. If you need a creative contribution to impress your audience with an outstanding mailing, they can help too! Just ask and we will be happy to support you.
  • In case you want to keep the document creation internal:
    • you can directly send your document to us and we will process and distribute them on your behalf;
    • you can also use our composition tool Quartet to create your branded documents. Once your templates are created, validated, and merged with your database, you will just have to press the button to launch their multi-channel distribution.

To manage your letters that are returned because they failed to reach their recipient, please check out our returned mail processing service.

Why is VBS the right outsourcing partner for you?

  • Quality and customer satisfaction are our priority. Our support service is available 24/7.
  • Fast delivery thanks to a quick access to POST mail center from our facility
  • In case of disruptions in our main production center, we guarantee the continuity of our service thanks to our back-up facility in a separate location and infrastructure, which includes back-up printers and enveloping machines
  • Tracking process to guarantee the integrity of your information
  • Endless possibilities for mailing personalisation
  • International reach in Europe, Asia and Australia

Trust a specialist to take care of your print and mail operations. Our team is available to support you in this process and ensure a smooth transition.

Contact our team for more information.