Invoice digitization service

Paying suppliers on time, more challenging than it seems

As simple as it may seem, paying suppliers on time and with no errors can be a challenge for accounts payable and accounting departments. Your energy or telco providers probably already send you electronic invoices that can be automatically processed in your ERP or accounting software. The florist decorating your lobby, however, is more likely to keep on sending you invoices by post…. You therefore find yourself trying to harmonize a hybrid flow of invoices received on paper and by email, which is inefficient, time consuming, tedious even… and increases the risk of errors and delays. How frustrating it can be, especially when you are under pressure and need as much of your precious time for more important tasks!
The good news: we can relieve you from the chore! Let us handle your invoice processing so you can focus on your core business activities.

Discover how our invoice digitization service helps POST Group's Accounts Payable department streamline their processes.

Enhance your digital transition with our invoice processing service

Entrust us with your inbound invoices and receive them digitized to fit exactly the needs of your organization. Our invoice processing service automates the capture of your invoices’ information and routes it through your preferred channel in the format of your choice.


  1. Project definition: At VBS there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” solution. The first step towards the implementation of your invoice processing solution is to assess your needs. Based on them, we will define the processes and workflows that are most relevant for your organization.
  2. Documents collection: Whatever the channel, we collect your invoices and prepare them for the data extraction. Paper invoices are scanned and pdfs are uploaded. If needs be, we can arrange the secure transportation of your paper based invoices to our production center in Bettembourg.
  3. Data Capture: All documents collected are submitted to OCR so the relevant data can be extracted for further use.
  4. Validation: Our system is configured to detect irregularities. When an inconsistency is identified, an operator checks the accuracy of the extracted data, corrects if necessary and validates the content for the next step. 
  5. Routing: The information collected is processed in the format of your choice and routed according to the predefined workflow. This includes an integration with your ERP or accounting software if requested.
  6. Report: We send you regular reports so you can have a perfect follow-up of your processed invoices.

Efficiency, accuracy, traceability

Save time

Did you know our service reduces the processing time of your invoices by on average 14 minutes per invoice? You can easily imagine how much time you can save when you receive hundreds of them every month. It results in better payment deadlines and, consequently, smoother relationships with your suppliers.

Reduce risk of errors

Our invoice processing service is automated, which reduces the risks inherent with manual operations such as multiple/duplicate entries. When needed, an additional human validation ensures the data accuracy before routing.

Monitor the full process and beyond

Every time we complete a full digitization cycle, we send you a report so you can keep track of when and how each of your invoices has been processed. The full information capture lets you closely monitor due dates so you can better manage payment deadlines. To add another layer to your monitoring, we can also keep a register of your suppliers. This enables us to automatically block unknown providers and report them to your teams for double-checking.

Get your invoice directly to the right place

Our invoice processing service is compatible with multiple financial accounting and operational systems, including Odoo and SAP.
Ready to take your invoice processing to the next level? Let’s first discuss your needs, contact us!

Discover how our invoice digitization service helps POST Group's Accounts Payable department streamline their processes.