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Building trust at a time of widespread distrust and enabling secure working patterns throughout the workplace is essential. Docunify enables your company to offer a secure collaborative space with your teams, customers, suppliers, partners or prospects.

Enabling your secure digital collaboration

Docunify is a SaaS solution for creating, managing, signing and sharing documents in a secure online collaboration environment. With Docunify, reduce your administrative workload and collaborate in complete security with both internal and external users.


Docunify is entirely cloud based, no install is required to use it. The application is  also fully responsive, which enables you to use it from any device. Wherever you are in the world, use the online office suit to create, edit, review and validate a document in collaboration with your clients or business partners. Once your final document is validated by all your stakeholders, sign it directly on the platform. Docunify onboards an eIDAS compliant advanced and qualified digital signature feature to allow official signature of documents.

Manage your processes in real-time 

Whether you want to organize an executive meeting, create an official document,  set-up an invoice validation process or involve multiple stakeholders in the digital signature of a document, pre-defined processes are available to help you. With the smart planner, invite external or Docunify users for an event and “attach” a document to the invitation.
The customizable dashboard allows you to monitor your overall ongoing processes in real-time. 


All your documents are stored in TierIV data centres in Luxembourg and securely accessible 24/7.
Docunify's single sign on and double authentication enables a strong control of users' access. Thanks to the advanced user management, create as many users as needed and assign them roles and permissions on the platform.
Docunify is encrypted, only you can access your data. Your confidential documents are completely safeguarded from unauthorized access. Finally, Docunify's real-time back-up and BCP/DRP capabilities guarantee your documents and processes in case of disaster.

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