IT internship

As a full member of the team, you will work on internal projects : web development, application development or Dev Ops.

Your mission

  • Be a full time member of the team
  • Work on a specific project with the help of a mentor
  • Ask help when needed
  • Research what you don’t know (yet)
  • Be happy to learn, learn and learn some more
  • Be curious and ask questions
  • Complete the assigned project within time, so you will better your time management skills
  • Sharpen your organisation skills 
  • Document your work, so you will improve your written English skills J
  • Acknowledge your mistakes to avoid making them again
  • Be there on time
  • Be craving for feedback
  • Take your work seriously
  • Have fun !

Your profile

You are an IT student (Bachelor or Master) and you are looking for a 5 months (approximately) internship in 2019.

Top reasons to work with us

  • To work with talented people
  • To be proud of your achievements
  • Our culture is built on collaboration, respect and constant improvement

We are currently fixing technical issues on our website. That ongoing maintenance may disturb your application process. If you have any problem while applying on the website, please send us your application by email at HR@victorbuckservices.



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